Engagement Sessions

        Hints & Tips

 So you are Engaged?! How amazing is that!


After years of searching for someone you have finally found that special someone that makes you want to say I do!


Engagement Sessions are a great way to show the love and emotions that you two feel towards each other without the stress of your wedding day! During an Engagement Session we get to spend time with you and get to know you better. This can help us to see the best way to pose you, how you and your partner react to each other and what makes you most comfortable. This is invaluable when it comes to your wedding day pictures!


You can also use your Engagment session images for Save The Dates, Wedding Slideshows and Favors.  We love to create beautiful chemistry between our couples that will translate right to your wedding day!  

Your Engagement Session

Tips & Hints....


The day has finally come and its your Engagement Session. Here is some common questions and what you need to know in order to get the most out of your Engagement Session!


Why should I do an Engagement Session?


There are many reasons to do an Engagement Session. On the day of your wedding we will be spending a lot of time with you. The Engagement Session is a great way for your photographer and you to get to know each other without all the pressures of the wedding day. This is the perfect opportunity in a lower stress environment to see the best way to pose you. Its also a great way to see how you and your partner interact with each other so we can photograph you in a way that's more natural to you!


How long will my session be?


This answer really depends on you. We are not like most photographers and set a hard time limit for your session. We want to take the time to get the best pictures we can for you! Some people warm up to the camera and picture taking right away with most others it can take some time. It usually take about 30 minutes for most people to get comfortable. Typically however our session take about 2 hours.


Where should my session be at?


The first question we like to ask here is...Park or Urban setting? There are many couple especially in Colorado who are very outdoorsy and enjoy much of Colorado's natural beauty. We also have couples who consider themselves more indoor people and enjoy restaurants, the city skyline and shopping. If you enjoy an urban setting perhaps taking some photos downtown near the skyline, brick buildings or near the lakehouse in the city or the 16th Street Mall would be the best spots for you. If you consider yourself more of an outdoorsy person and love Colorado's natural beauty Red Rocks can be a great place or Cheesman Park, Riverfront Park or Centennial Gardens or Washington Park. Its a good idea to pick an area that has quite a few different spots in the same vicinity.  We know lots of great spots and we will be happy to suggest some to you!


What should I wear to my session?


This is the biggest question we get regarding our Engagement Sessions. There are so many choices. I always recommend bringing 2-3 outfit changes. One being a nice casual outfit, a dressy outfit, (think sports coat and a dress to go to dinner in) and the third outfit can be your choice or an outfit that might have sentimental value to you. Perhaps the clothing you met in or a favorite sports jersey. The biggest hints and tips I can offer you are the following; avoid large prints, a giant flower across your shirt can be very distracting in your picture. Also tight prints such as thin striped lines throw off camera sensors and will make odd pattern lines on your images. Also avoid wearing overly tight clothing. Many times people will wear items that are too tight  and it tends to show every line, crease or bulge, which is not what anyone wants. I also recommend bringing accesories. Its a quick and stylish way to change up your outfit and add some interest to your photos. Below I have included lots of outfit ideas and color scheme ideas for your outfits to get you thinking.


This a a great low stress way to take some pictures with your partner and have some fun! If you come to your Engagment session and you are stressed or upset or uncomfortable it will definitely show in your pictures.


The biggest thing is to Have Fun! Come to your session calm and relaxed and ready to make Memories!