Kyle & Amanda's Dowtown Denver Engagement

Location- Downtown Denver, Union Station, City Park

Date: February 9th, 2015

Wedding Date: August, 2015



I love Colorado! And as a lover of all things Colorado one of my favorite places is of course Union Station and Downtown Denver. That's why it was so wonderful to have these locations with such a great couple. Kyle and Amanda. Kyle and Amanda went to the same high school. Then after a few years they reconnected. After a wonderful surprise proposal from Kyle. It involved a garden rooftop patio and Amanda's family. She said yes!


We had a great Engagement Session in Downtown Denver. It stretched from Union Station to the Millenium Bridge and then to City Park. It was a suprisingly warm day in February. Everyone was enjoying the 6o degree weather! However the sun was blaring down and the wind was blowing. That didn't seem to matter though because we used the wind to create some dramatic wind blown looks. We also used the light rays to make for some dramatic lighting! Here is the pictures we loved. Enjoy!




This is one of my favorite bridges in Downtown Denver. The rusty wrought iron and the way the light looks at sunset is nothing short of amazing. Kyle and Amanda were having a great time. I went to switch lenses on my camera and turned around to see them pretending to jump off the bridge! They were such a fun couple. The image on the right is  at the structure at Union Station in Denver. The new main station that they are building for the Light Rail. It was such a cool architecture spot we had to catch a shot or two.

It was a great day to get out and enjoy the weather. These are the pictures with their fancy outfits! Lol! When I was talking to the phone with Amanda (who is an a wonderful person, btw) about what types of outfits they should wear. I always say 2-3 outfits with different accessories. I couldn't think of what I wanted to say. So I told her, wear your fancy clothes!


After spending some time at Union Station we hit up another great spot. The Millenium Bridge in Denver is a great spot! If you haven't been there I highly recommend it, especially at night time. You can see the view of the whole city from one lighted and raised metal bridge. They changed into their casual outfits and we were in the zone.  Now that everyone was comfortable and enjoying the views we got some great smiles and some great chemistry between these two!


It was a busy day for couples and photographers on the Millenium Bridge. There was a wedding and 2 Engagement sessions counting ours. I managed to find this great little corner near the elevator. The light was coming thru the buildings just right and reflecting off this building which made for some great soft light. It was a wonderful day to get some pictures. This is their second casual outfit that I thought looked so city chic.

We had a great time photographing in Downtown Denver. We wanted a change of scenery and knew City Park in Denver would be a great place to shoot some pictures on such a lovely day. So here are some of our favorites from City Park in Downtown Denver.



If you have not spent time at City Park in awhile it's defintiely worth a trip down there. The sun was shining and the lake was calm and still. It was such a great time to capture memories. Engagement Sessions are really one of my favorite photo sessions. They are a great time to get to know each other and for us to get to know our brides and grooms. It was such fun that day and the weather even though it was early February cooperated. We want couples to have a great time on their Engagement session. To really connect with each other and capture some great memories that you can look back on fondly for years to come! Kyle and Amanda were a wonderful couple that I got to spend the day with and capture this exciting time in their lives!


We wish them many years of happiness and we'll be looking forward to seeing them in August!


The Lake at City Park in Denver.